David Horvitz

Capturing moments and making art is the game.

Born, raised, and residing in Seattle, WA. I had always been a kid who just loved walking around with a camera in hand and a weird perspective of seeing the world, it wasn't until I was having a house party with a couple of friends with DLSR's did my true love for photography really blossom.

I'm a photographer because I love it, I have the greatest honor working with some of the best creative minds out there. People who are unique, talented, fun, amazing, and are beautiful inside and out.

But the reason why I keep doing this, why I keep sacrificing my time, energy, and sometimes body, is for all of you. I like to think that I live a very unique side of life. I spend most of my time with performers, flow artists, musicians, wrestlers, and people who live the alternative lifestyle. We are not your normal everyday people, we are the ones getting the weird looks on the bank or at the grocery store; the ones who like to do the things that amazes and inspire, the people who would like to open your eyes to see a world that you may not know exist, but it is beautiful in it's own unique way.

So I encourage you to see the beauty that I see, and feel free to contact me for your own booking, let's make some art out of your moments and memories.

*NOTE: Due to the nature of the Shibari gallery, the page is password protected, these pictures are for client purposes only, serious inquires only*

Profile Picture by: Jon Proehl